"All aboard!"

subway master Ingo's little wifey


- Mimi / Veronica / V / Crows
- She/Her / Cis / Bi
- 20
- White / Hispanic (Puerto Rico)
- only wears flat caps


- Birds (my favorite birds)
- FE:3H
- SubMas
- IDV (click for ships) (I rt/post asylum essence/White Tombstone sometimes)
- RPGMaker Games
- OC x Canon
- Okegom
- Gokuto Jihen
- Kyuushi (especially Ronadora)
- vocaloid


- standard dnfi criteria (proship, consume "lolita" content, think whitewashing isn't an issue, ableist, etc)
- Art is free to use as banners/icon/personal use with credit!!
- NO REPOSTING MY ART unless you ask beforehand and I approve
- please tag Hannibal (tv show) related things including the actors
!!Softblock if unfollowing!!

general content warning

- I’ll never post or rt full on nsfw art on this account but I do make nsfw comments sometimes or reply to nsfw comments from friends! I’ll do my best to tag it as “NSFW” so please mute that if you are a minor or don’t want to see it.
- The mood of my art fluctuates a lot! I love drawing cutesy stuff just about as much as I love drawing angst and snapped characters =v=;;
- Beware of blood, gore, weapons (not to an extreme extent)
- I rt and draw DSP/Okegom characters sometimes
- I post/rt a lot of m/f ships! Don't be rude and randomly tell me you don't like my ships!! If you want me to tag a ship though I can, I’ll usually try to tag it in the first place

wuh oh kin time

- Nothing serious! Just characters I really vibe with

comfort characters

- That’s specifically the Dusknoir from Poképark btw

comms and shop

💌 Commission Carrd

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- Vultures
- Andean Condor
- Corvi
- Raven
- Sandpipers
- Sanderling
- All birds :)

IDV ship hours

I think most of the ships are neat! I've listed some I particularly like/you might see more
I particularly love most Norton ships

Norton Ships (especially EmmaNort, LuchiNort, NortNaib, NortDrew, NortSop, MellyNort)
VAL (any duo combination within those three is good too)
Fav NortNaib combo is MoleHoundMy self insert oc x all of my favs when we I actually get around to drawing her (Norton, Emma, Eli, Galatea, Antonio especially)A few I don't like include KreacherEmma and any kids being shipped with the adults